Why we are different

We aren’t a typical top tier firm. We offer superior service to our clients in five important ways.


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Idea-intensive problem solving

Stance Systems is sharply and exclusively focussed on idea intensive strategic problem solving. We specialise in fact-based analysis to diagnose complex situations, and we develop insightful and practical solutions.


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Delivering results

Our long-standing client relationships are underpinned by work that delivers real impact. By arriving at the right answers to the most important and difficult questions, we help senior client executives make the right choices to create successful, strong, growing businesses.


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Senior, high calibre people

Our consulting projects, are led by our Partners, each with long and accomplished track records in CEO-level strategy consulting. Our senior people are deeply involved in leading day-to-day problem solving, not simply in quality control and client relationship management.


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Long-lasting relationships

Most of our work is with long standing clients. These relationships are based on the trust formed by a consistent, high performing client service team.


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Tailored involvement

Our development approach makes it easy to vary the level of consulting effort to fit clients’ particular needs over time. A client may need an initial surge of effort to resolve important strategic issues, followed by a lower level of support. Our ‘small team’ approach to consulting makes us more flexible.