Stance Systems is sharply and exclusively focused on idea intensive, strategic development systems. We specialize in fact-based analysis to diagnose complex situations, and we can then develop insightful and practical solutions.

Our strategy specialization covers overall direction setting, development of growth strategies, insightful industry restructuring moves and business performance turnaround plans. We also provide counsel to CEO's and senior executives on top level organizational issues.

By contrast, other top tier firms offer their clients a less focused range of consulting services including strategy, cost reduction programs, culture change programs, purchasing programs, systems architecture and implementation and organizational change.

We focus on strategic issues and do not view client's needs through the lens of a firm with large numbers of junior people available for deployment on long, highly leveraged implementation programs. Our smaller, more experienced teams achieve impact with less disruption to the day-to-day activities of our clients. We aspire to long term relationships not long term projects.

If your need is a 10-20 person team to implement a front line change program, or to deliver international best practice operational benchmarks, then one of the broad based top tier firms, or a second tier firm, may best meet your needs. Where the issues require a small team of the highest caliber, to bring intellectual rigor, fact-based analysis, insight and creativity, then Stance Systems is your optimal choice.